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About Astrology

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P.T M.D Vashisht (Bawa) is an Astrology, Numerology Expert. Equipped with immense knowledge and years of in-depth research, P.T M.D Vashisht (Bawa) is a India based, gold medalist holder, a renowned astrologer who specializes in Astrology, Numerology, Gem-therapy, and Mantras as well.

He has deep knowledge of these subject and has great expertise in various matters such as Health, Money, Shares and Investments, Travels, Business and Corporate Matters, Career, Marriage and Divorce, etc. His knowledge in finance-related matters is very apt and specific and therefore, industrialists, celebrities, cricketers and even prominent actors seek his help before investing money in commodities as well as real estate.

Our Strength

The main reasons that have allowed us to spread our regime across the world are :

Accurate predictions

Comprehensive solutions

Sure shot tips for bringing health, wealth and prosperity in the life of people

Confidence of handling clients problems

Our Mission

We aim to bring luck, wealth, health, and prosperity in the lives of our clients. And for this, we work day and night relentlessly and provide services that will give 100% accurate results. With our services, we just hope to gratify our clients beyond expectations.

Our Team

We are backed by a team of professional Vastu Consultants, Gurujis and advisors who are experts of their arena. They all work in close coordination with each other to offer valuable consultancy to the clients and attain their satisfaction.

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