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What is Vastu Shashtra?

Vastu shastra refers to the layout, alignment geometrical and design of any building, vastu shastra tell us about the significance or important aspects either negative or positive regarding houses or buildings. In past decades vastu shastra specially designed for temples, many principles were also wrote at that time related with vastu shastra. Actually it related with the design of houses, roads, cities, gardens, water works, shops and public necessities. The vastu is a Sanskrit word which means a house with a corresponding plot of land. Is is said that historians like James Fergusson, Alexander Cunningham and Dr. Havel tell that vastu shastra was established in around about 6000 BCE and 3000BCE and even the sites of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro build with the principles of vastu shastra. Vastu shastra tell how and where building, house, or temple should b built and in what direction. There are two main principles  that is used in vastu shastra, ‘maana’ which is used for proportional relationship in dwellings and ‘Aayaadi’ that helps in specifying the condition for maximum well being along with their benefits for the residents of a building. In real vastu is the study of the sun’s ray on the earth, it also reads the various characteristics of a dwelling and tell its effect on the people living in it in a scientific manner. The principles of vastu are permanent in nature along with their effects. The basic motive behind the vastu shastra is to provide people happy and problem free life. Like other science, vastu is considered as a universal, rational and also normative. Vastu shastra help to maintain an equilibrium in  five elements of earth, water, wind and fire by making equality  between all these elements change the living style of human being along with all creatures living on earth, in short we can say that vastu shastra influence our deeds, luck, behavior and other basics things. Vatu puts effects on every aspect of life, offices built by considering vastu shastra  earns lot of sales along with increase in productivity even in industries if proper  vastu principles are followed it will help to increase the efficiency of the workers and also minimize the breakdown of machines or of other equipments.


  • When anyone decide to purchase a plot b sure that it should b in south west or either south or west directions. These kinds of plots are considered more beneficial than other.
  • Plots should b designed properly in shape rather than designed in irregular cuts ones. The plots should be made in slopping pattern facing toward north& east or northeast.
  • Having a mango , banana or a jamun tree is not consider as auspicious tree rather having a peepal  tree in the west side at some  distance from the house can b an auspicious, one should grow imli tree in southwest direction of the dwelling.
  • Trees of anaar, ashoka, chandan, champa, chameli, gulab, nariyal and keshar all these trees are auspicious one if they are in house.