Prashna Kundali

prashan kundali

A person can ask any type of question related with any matter job when he forget your date of birth or time.

The kundali which is prepared at the time of asking question by any individual person is known as Prashan Kundali .In the earlier time most of the people don’t know about their date of birth along with the time, this creates a big obstacle in the way of astrological matters. The two major things which have a great influence on it is the house associated with work and master of work. The meaning of work in kundali stands for wish and desire which are the basis for the analysis of kundali. In case of prashan kundali different kinds of questions are asked by an individual, it is important to maintain the accuracy while asking the question because if wrong question is ask it will contradicts the analysis of kundali. The accuracy of answers depends on the relationship between the house associated with work along with master of work. A person can ask any type of question related with any matter job , love life, married life etc.One thing that should be considered while asking the question is that the time of asking the question and giving answer of the same should be in same time, there shouldn’t be miss match in the time. Tajik yogis and Tajik kundali have a lot of significance on prashan kundali there is no existence without these yogas. Astrologer should always explain there reader that the ascendant of prashan kundali is a flower and moon is known as its nectar. There are many ways of asking prashan kundali, one of the famous one is asking question to put rice and gold in any one of the boxes , on the another side the questioner is asked to open the Ramayana the page number that comes by opening will added and at last the number which comes out as result becomes the ascendant of the kundali. The another method is Krishnamutry System in this the questioner is asked to choose any number ranging from 1 to 249. In Vedic astrology the questioner has to choose any number ranging from 1 to 108, any number which comes is divided by the number 9 and the quotient which comes becomes the ascendant and the remainder becomes the number of navmansh.
One of the main advantage is that time of date is not needed in order to ask any question
One can instantly creates the prashan kundali if one has suitable software
Mostly answers are accurate in nature
Any type of question can b asked by the person

Prashan kundali plays a role of important branch of Vedic astrology because it can give accurate answers without depending on janam kundali or any birth chart. In prashan kundali , kundali is formed immediately when any individual ask question to the astrologer. Those who used prashan kundali said that it gives surprisingly accurate answers and if the answered comes in only yes or no its plays a fantastic job. Prashan kundali is also very useful for the person who doesn’t know his/her birth date.