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Numerology a complete study of both the negative as well as positive effects of life.

Numerology is the method which deals with the siginificance of the numbers, it tells what kind of asset one’s birth date contain. In the  past decades this method was firstly invented  in western form with the name PYTHAGORIAN SYSTEM, and it start getting popular and its popularity continues till today this method was one of the best method ever made. Pythagorian numerology was established by Greek philosopher and the mathematican, who combined the various mathematical disciplines of the Egyptian, Arabic and  also of essence science.  In today modern era, the popularity of numerology is increasing gradually over many years. Today mostly in every newspapers and magazines incudes a special column of numerology, and mostly people pay full attention on these . Numerology includes almost everything about a particular person starting from its personal issues up to his/her business decisions. Today having so long history the word numerology is recorded in English before c 1907.there are two methods of doing numerology ALPHABET SYSTEM and ABJAD SYSTEM. Under Alphabet system all the numerical values are denoted in the form of alphabets e.g.  1= a,j,s ,  2= b,k,t etc  and so on at the end according to the situation all the numbers are summed up and the result comes out. This is one of the easiest method and popularly used by numerologists. The another method is the Abjad system, the Arabic representation of the numbers is known as abjad numerology. As Arabic alphabets are used in this so all the Arabic alphabets having one number. Numerology is also used in games, many players uses this method in games known as numerological in games includes number but no skill  such as bingo, keno,lotteries,roulette. No particular strategy is followed in all these games. Numerology also used in science , the one of the best example is  that it involves various coincidental resemblance of particular large numbers that intriguted by  popular men such as mathematical physicist Paul Dirac, mathematician  Herman Weyl and astronomers Arthur stanely eddington. The well known discovery of atomic traids was a form of numerology there are also many different methods like Chaldean, Japanese, Arabic and Indian to do numerology. Under numerology each letter of the name tells something about the person. Knowing about one’s future is one of the best thing these kind of reading help people to take some remedial action if needed. Even many famous personality read their numerology reading eveveryday.  Numerology includes complete study of both the negative as well as positive aspect of the numbers and their effects on someone’s life. Numerology depends on birth date, it help to know about various aspects related with health, career,  life, profession etc. so one should b very careful regarding the numbers, and should tell the real birth date rather than telling lie because everything depends on one’s birth date not on another thing. The last important thing numerology also depends upon the name so before giving someone name be conscious. There are many gemstones are available in the market which one can wear according to their need but after consulting numerologist.