In love marriage the soul mate is chose by the person, whereas in arrange the soul mate is chose by the parents.

Love is a feeling of being in love with someone with whom one can easily spend his/her entire life, love marriage is not much different from arranged marriage but the only difference is of choice. In love marriage the soul mate is chose by the person, whereas in arrange the soul mate is chose by the parents. Love marriage is primarily popular in south Asia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, but now-a- days it’s increasing its value all around the universe. There is no proper meaning available but in all an all we can say it’s a marriage with a sole consent of couple. Love marriage appears in 14th century and gains its importance in the early 17th century. In love marriage mostly no acceptance is taken from the parents and the relatives, mostly these kinds of marriages are unacceptable. Initially love marriage comes in 1970s in urban areas; many surveys had been conducted by IPSOS and according to them 74% people prefer arranged marriages while in 2010 around about 326 cases related with honor killing were recorded because of their inter-caste-marriages. I today ear marriages are become important matter for money and survival rather than of personal feeling, mostly people play with the feelings of others. In love marriage both the partner know each other very well and makes commitments with each other, they know weaknesses of each other very well and can cope up in future very well. They can easily share their views and can easily run their marriages smoothly. Before doing marriage one should consider the love without which no one can run their married life properly. Today, in modern era youngster hardly give any importance to their parents feeling, they must take their consent before making any decision related with their marriage life. The one of the main advantage of doing love marriage is that one can choose their own soul mate with full freedom , on the another hand it offers huge chance of better future because it works on mutual understanding or real love not on fake love that is normally noticed in case of arranged marriages. In love marriage there is lots of chance of excited and peaceful life, one can roam at any place and can watch any events and it’s a different feeling to see whole universe with that person to whom you love. But in some cases love marriages is not so much successful many of them have to face early break ups or divorce, it is generally seen that a quarrel take place between the couple and sometime it leads to divorce. It is rightly said by someone that marriages made in heaven but enjoyed on earth, so that one should be very careful before choosing partner or deciding what kind of marriage they want. Love marriage is not superior than arranged marriage nor arrange marriage superior than love but only thing which is required in both is the mutual understanding between both the couple.