Face Reading Astrology


Face reading on the spot tell the valuable information about the person.

Face reading Astrology
Astrology in broad sense refers to the meaning in the sky , early evidence of making conscious attempts by the human to measure , record , and to predict the seasonal changes by the help of astronomical cycles. Face reading on the spot tell the valuable information about the person , one can practicing of doing face reading by observing friends , family members , and colleagues. Fce reading help in giving the insight about yourself and of other’s character through understanding what their facial features reveals. We can take the example –cheeks- while pronouncing and lacking in flesh indicate autocratic and power hungry individual. Face reading is very practical and useful in sales and in business application one can easily know about the good times and the bad times by observing the symmetry and the balance of the two sides :-
SYMMETRY VITAL :- The first wealth spot
According to the Chinese , the first requirement of a wealthy face is its symmetry of the two sides of the face. If there is proper balance than it leads smoothly for you or if there is improper balance than it is difficulty that lies ahead.

The central axis tell whether the face is balanced or not , only balanced face deemed to b very lucky so that one should always avoid the idea of selecting the hair style that upsets the all important balance of two side of the face.

FOREHEAD HIGH :- Second Wealth spot
Those who having a high and rounded foreheads said to get the wealth , this is said to be the highly and reliable indicator of wealth. The forehead tell us about the luck sent from the heaven , it is also considered as the first prosperity mountain of the face so ideally it should be gently curved , round , high and even slightly protruding. According to this forehead it is not only about the wealth but also for great authority and power.

MONEY NOSE :-The Third wealth spot
The person’s nose is the best way to know about the person’s wealth , the nose is the repository of money fortune. The rounder , higher and larger the nose is the better one to bring wealth to any man she marries. Nose should never be cut or altered in any way , the nose is the yin spot which symbolizes one of the rivers of the face. Nose should never be too small nor too large, moles at the tip pf the nose is the major sign of misfortune.

PEARL LIP:-The fourth wealth spot
The little pearl like protrusion on the top of the lip tell about the effortless good fortune , wealth luck is often with such kind of people from birth. If any little baby get this feature than it is clear to say that the baby will grow into the very lucky adult indeed.

Generally if anyone having a flawed forehead it means that person having difficult relationship with their parents , when forehead is small and bony its mean your parents were not well heeled and can’t afford the school fees , a skinny looking forehead says that something lacking in your life during the childhood years.