Astrology for Health


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In today modern era, mostly astrologer call upon for predicting the wealth, good fortune, marriage etc.

In today modern era, mostly astrologer call upon for predicting the wealth, good fortune, marriage etc. But they also want to know about their health. So the birth chart also examines about the any upcoming health issues. While considering the health issue the first thing which have to be taken into consideration the Ascendant , the 1st house represents the whole body therefore the strength of 1st house is the best thing to stay healthy and to overcome disease. Another key to overcome the disease is the natal vitality; life force is shown by the 8th house of the chart which indicated about the longevity. It is possible in astrology to analysis a disease well before its actual existence it can be expected in a following sense:-

  • When there is any bad aspect receives by any planet like square (90 deg) and opposition (180 deg)
  • Whenever bad planets ( Saturn , mars ,rahu ,kethu , Uranus , Neptune , Pluto) are posited in bad houses like 6th , 8th and 12th .
  • The sign of bad disease is when bad planets occupy the signs Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces


  • First house or Aries: – Body in general, head, face, facial bones, brain, and blood vessels of the brain.
  • Second house or Taurus: – Teeth, speech, right eye, throat, neck and bones, blood vessels and nerves connecting throat and neck.
  • Third house or Gemini :- Right ear , shoulders , collar , hands and related bones , lungs , breathe , blood .
  • Fourth house or Cancer: – Last phase of life, chest, breast, ribs, food poisoning, stomach, gastric and digestive system.
  • Fifth house or Leo: – Heart, mind, and spinal cord.
  • Sixth house or Virgo: – Disease in general, kidneys, stomach, bowels, intestines and abdomen.
  • Seventh house or Libra: – Waist, navel cavity, lumbar region and skin.
  • Eighth house or Scorpio: – Incurable diseases, urinary and sexual organs, pelvic bones, bladder and anus.
  • Ninth house or Sagittarius: – Hips, arterial system, nerves.
  • Tenth house or Capricorn: – Knees, Hams, joints and bones.
  • Eleventh house or Aquarius: – Legs, blood circulation, left ear.
  • Twelfth house or Pisces: – Lymphatic system, feet and toes, left eye, hospitalization and death.


  • Everyone has to chew the fresh basil leaves and swallow with water every morning in order to get protection from Typhoid and Hepatitis.
  • If the natal sun is in a favorable the strong health problem may occur in that situation one should give alms (Dan) of wheat, cur and copper items.
  • For curing the problems related with urinary regularly drink half a spoon of cardamom powder by mixing it with water till one get relief.