Astrology for Education


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Education that can be attained according to the placement of planets

The Vedic astrology helps in getting an idea regarding the level of education that can be attained according to the placement of planets in individual’s horoscope. Apart from this one can also get the knowledge about the type of education an individual wants to pursue and how much he/she will get the success in their chosen field. Educational achievements can be easily predicted by analyzing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th house of one’s kundli or horoscope or the lords of respective houses. Mostly the second house is referred as a house of education and by analyzing this house one can get many detail regarding one’s education and his/her life revolving around this aspect. In general the lord of the first house must be placed in the kendras (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th), Trikonas (1st, 5th, 9th houses) , second or in the eleventh house. If the lord of the first house is posted in the 6th,8th.12th house from ascendant or the lord of the first house get debilitated in that situation the native is said to struggle a lot. The second house gives the information about the possibility of education, the fourth house must be sound in order to having a good educational prospects. Education should not be judged unless one looks at the D-24 chart, it is a divisional chart in vedic that deals with education of a person. In D-24 chart one should study the 5th house condition one must have an accurate time of birth to see the D-24 chart as it goes on changing in every 5 minutes. At the time of examine the chart for educational purpose it is essential to examine each planet as all planet brings their own color which put effect on person’s educational field.
Rahu= computer & electronics
Mercury= logic & understanding
Mars= Electronics
4th house indicates one’s regular attendance in a school or a college and in studies, 3rd house indicate about one’s inclination to specialize in any subject however as the combines effect of 3rd and 5th house shows person’s intelligence, apart from all there is a 9th house which tell about the chances for studies further or higher education. Education is the base of life, it helps a person and offers him/her to ample the various opportunities in order to confer shape of his/her life. Today the meaning of education has changed from past, in today world its mean that one student should be perfect in grammar and mannerism according to society. Planets having varied effect on individual’s education when 2nd and 5th houses and their lord‘s are badly affected its mean that the person has a little or no knowledge. In order to excel well in the field of mathematics the lord of fifth house should be in conjunction by a benefit planet or if the fifth house from Jupiter is in Kendra or trikona the person is blessed with a great interest in mathematics. The conjunction of powerful Jupiter along with the 2nd lord and sun proves to be beneficial in having a good in grammar.