Astrology for competition success


Competitive exams are very vital from point of view of any struggler who really want to make career in any specific field.

Competitive exams are very vital from point of view of any struggler who really want to make career in any specific field. Sometimes the situation arises that person who do lot of hard work is not able to pass the exam in-spite of those who never put there whole sole in study get excel in their various field. Luck plays very important part in everyone’s life, let us understand how with the help of horoscope one can know that whether he/she is able to win the competition exams or not:-

  • If the destiny place is generating a very good power in the horoscope then no doubt the person will win the game.
  • If the master of destiny place is generating good power then it indicates that it is a good sign of getting the favor or luck.
  • If during the competitive exam the mahadasha of any positive planet is going on in that case it give full support to the person who is going to sit in a exam.
  • If any person having a good knowledge but the malefic planet going in mahadasha or antar dasha then it creates some problems.
  • If the lagna is supported by any positive planet then it is also very good for the person.
  • If the 5th place oh horoscope is powerful in that case there is a very good chance that person will get benefit of his knowledge.


  • By using proper combination of germs it is possible to increase the luck to get the success in any competition exam.
  • The another best method is by using the hypnosis method with the help of this method one can increase the mind power to clear any exam.
  • The another best method is through totkay of occult science which help to increase the chance.
  • By doing various kinds of rituals in a proper manner help to remove the obstacles of life and help in opening the way to success.
  • There are special kinds of kawach which is specially used to increase the hypnotic power to clear the interview or any competitive exams.
  • There are many ways to remove the fear of any competitive exams , all one need is to trust on the occult science and must have to invest on these kinds of mysterious lores in order to develop the career. 6th , 8th and 12th houses in the horoscope is considered to be the feared house.

Remedies to get success in competitive exam:-

  • Chaint this mantra with tulsi mala on Wednesday during any practical time
    Guru Griha Gaye Padhan Raghurayi
    Alp Kal Vidhya Sab Payi…
  • Hang a picture of goddess (devi) sarswati over your study table so whenever you study you face should be towards the picture and chant this mantra 21 times while looking at the goddess

    “Om Aim Sarsvati Namaha”

  • Try to drink the juice of the basil(tulsi) along with little honey which help to increase the memory and also help in exam.
  • The another best remedy is to use the ten-face rudraksh, it should be worn around the neck on the right arm this help to give quality of thinking and focus.
  • If you having any problem during your studies the best remedy for this is to fees a cow for successive sixteen days.