Arranged Marriage


Arrange marriage is different from love marriage in which partners choose their life partner

Arranged marriage is a type of marriage in which bride and groom are selected by any of the third party rather than by each other. Arrange marriage is different from love marriage in which partners choose their life partner, in this parents chooses their match. It is common worldwild till 18th century, it is famous in south asia, Africa , the middle east , latin America , south asia and the other parts of east aisa. In arrange marriage meeting of the couple is mostly arranged by their family member the couple when get agree to each other only then consent is given by both the party. According to the astrologers when decide to do arrange marriage one should always find out if the gotra and pavar of both the families match only then the horoscope of the boy and girl should b consult to match. According to the astrologer the word Ghotra denotes to the descendants of the eight sages :- vishvamitra , jamadagni , bharadvaj , goutam , atri , vasishtha , kashyap and agastya. There are millions of ghotras. If the father don’t know about their gotra than this gotra comes from mother’s name it means that from one basic gotra various kinds of famous gotra created, and they were called the member of the gotrgan. Further these gotras get divided and subdivided into pakshas (groups), like vasishtha gan derived from four groups- upamanyu , parashar , kundin and vasishtha they having a numerous subdivisions. A recent scripture quote that kshatriyas and vaishyas must have to be considered of the same gotra-pravar because of their priest. This rule will only applicable if one of them forget their own gotra otherwise not. Parvar includes the meaning to the ancestors of the gotras they may be one , two , three or five number. It clears that that pravar shows the name of a founder of sage of a sect who are following particular observances as ordained by the Vedas. As word gotra represents vidya the word pravra associated with karma. There are many advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages.


  • The first advantage of arranged marriage is that both individuals are completely matched on the various factors such as religion , culture , social status , financial strength , background , language , and similar other things related to lifestyle.
  • Another benefit is that couple having the full support of their family members,and it also having a strong cooperation between the two.
  • The another main advantage is of getting gud advice from parents incase of disputes between the couple.


  • When the marriage is arranged by the parents it doesn’t encourage the couple to make their own mind about who to marry
  • When arrange marriage take place for those who live in societies where this marriage is practice they are less passionate about love .
  • Too much interference of family members creats an awkard and uncomfortable situations for the couple.